In Indonesia there are so many ethnic groups with their own cultures, languages and  alphabets. The alphabets only familiar to the people in its own region, so it is foreign to the others.  We do not use them any longer  in  every day lifes, but still they are taught in schools  to preserve the culture.

For this Weekly Photo Challenge : foreign, I choose three alphabets photos from three different parts of my beloved country.

The first one is the Javanese alphabets called Hanacaraka. The sign means Wijilan street. I took the picture in Yogyakarta.aksara jawa hanacaraka



The second one is from Bandar Lampung, a city from the southern part of the island of Sumatera. The street name is written in Lampung alphabets, means Majapahit street.

aksara Lampung



The third one is from West Java, the Sundanese alphabet. It is the entrance to the  Kawah Putih, the  crater of mount Patuha.

aksara Sunda "Kawah Putij Ciwidey"


Because of the many languages and cultures,  in the old days our people could not be united.  Until on 28th of Octobre 1928 students of STOVIA, a medicine school in the Dutch colonialism era, declared that Indonesians should have one country, one nation  and  one language, Indonesia. So,  the day commemorated as the day of Sumpah Pemuda, the youth vows.