Curves – Tugu Thomas Parr Bengkulu


Tugu Thomas Parr


The Thomas Parr Monument above was  dedicated to Thomas Parr, the British Resident of Bengkulu Indonesia. He was killed in a rebellion in 1807.  This was actually his grave, build a year after his death.  Tough it wa a maosoleum but the people of Bengkulu regard it as a symbol of their refusal to accept colonialism.  It is now a cultural property of Indonesia. People also named it Kuburan Bulek means Round Grave because of its dome.

During the 17th century  Bengkulu  was governed by  the British East-India Company. The company built a fortress named Fort Marlborough.  Below is one of the rooms in the fortress.


Fort Marlborough Bengkulu


Only a little walk from the fortress and the monument you can find a gate to the Chinatown of Bengkulu.

Kampung Cina Bengkulu



Peninggalan sejarah saat British East India Company menguasai Bengkulu di abad 17 antara lain adalah Fort Marlborough, Tugu Thomas Parr dan Tugu Hamilton. Di foto pertama adalah Tugu Thomas Parr, yang dibangun oleh perusahaan dagang Inggris itu setahun setelah kematian Thomas Parr dalam pemberontakan oleh rakyat Bengkulu untuk menentang penjajahan.  Tugu ini kini telah menjadi cagar budaya, demikian pula dengan Fort Marlborough. Foto kedua menampilkan salah satu ruangan penjara di benteng itu.

Tak jauh dari benteng dan tugu  sekarang dibangun gerbang ke Kampung Cina. Makanya wilayah ini  disebut warga dengan nama Kampung saja.

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  1. If I am not mistaken …
    I’ve seen such building like Tugu Thomas Parr Bengkulu in Kebun Raya Bogor
    I think they have a relation each other. Same architect maybe ?

    Shake hand me


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